Cologne Souvenirs from Buchbinderei Zimmer

Cologne is a very nice city in the west of germany.

The twin-spired cathedral called „Kölner Dom“ is the most famous sight. Every day there are about 30.000 visitors.

Right next to the cathedral there are the main shopping streets Hohestraße and Schildergasse. They are very popular and known for good shops and fashion houses.

Other things that are closely connected to cologne are a well known local beer called „Kölsch“ and a popular sent that the germans call „water of cologne“ or „4711„. It is one of the oldest fragrances of the world.

In general there are lots of food items that are knwon for the city like the gingerbread biscuit „Printe„.

We offer you traditional souvenirs that carry designs of all those famous sights and products of cologne.